Vietnam is both a splendor of culture to witness both in it’s ability to make ritual a sacred art and to instill a casualness about their daily endeavors. The people of Vietnam struck me as a serving kind, eager to help and learn.


The entire country moves from a bustling, dirty city center, fake name brands and litter abundant, to a quiet, humble farmland carved with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes I have yet to see.

The contrast of this place set up some of the most memorable encounters, as well as some hilarity. I sat on the back of a bike, riding through a mountain pass, but I also did karate yoga, naked, with a masseuse. The juxtaposition is thrilling,. It lies somewhere between a culture held strong, and one that has simply unraveled at the seams.


But, for the first time in my travels, I watched a nation completely accept itself.

For all its polluted cities and wondrous connection to natural spaces, Vietnam never felt divided.


The restaurants in the cities established an offering temple, without fail, and the people far into rural settings were fashionable and tech savvy.

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